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Digital Protection of Regional Cultural Landscape: A Case Study of Mani Heap in Riwoqê County, Tibet

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.046


Fanyue Zeng, Han Sun, Zhijun Peng

Corresponding Author

Fanyue Zeng


The landscape of Mani Heaps is an important carrier for the study of the culture and history of the Tibetan people. Which accompany the development of economic and tourism, in a time of great social and environmental change brought about by continued urbanization in China, it is of great significance to protect regional landscape by digital means. This paper aims at the digital preservation of the landscape based on its ethnicity and locality. Digital reconstruction of Mani Heaps are realized by using digital technologies such as geographic information, data visualisation and 3D modelling, geographic information and then the geographical distribution and Tibetan cultural characteristics of the Mani Heaps are analysed and studied, so as to promote the digital preservation of the Mani Heaps culture.


Mani Heaps, landscape, Digital heritage preservation