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The Behavioral Factors and Promoting Measures of Automobile Financial Service Industry in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.160


Mengxuan Liu, Hui Wang

Corresponding Author

Mengxuan Liu


In recent years, our country's car industry is developing rapidly, becoming a major bright spot in the national economy. The development of the automotive industry, however, lacks adequate financial support, and the automobile financial service now is to optimize the structure of the auto industry, help consumer car service smoothly, further reduce automobile enterprise capital turnover time, becoming the important link in the process of development of the auto industry. However, there is a certain gap between the present development situation of financial services industry in China and rapid development of automobile industry in foreign developed countries. Especially along with China's successful entry into the WTO, our country's automobile financial service has been opening to the outside world, therefore, how to effectively cope with fierce competition in foreign automobile financial company and how to ensure the healthy development of automotive financial services industry in our country, has become the main problem discussed in this paper. This paper combs related development background and theoretical concepts of the automobile financial service, combined with the practical application of automobile development in our country to further analyze the existing problems, put forward the perfect targeted measures, and provide useful reference for the automobile financial service in the initial stage in China.


Automobile financial services, behavior factors, countermeasure research purpose.