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An Overview of Major Sports Events Economic Impacts on China and Other Countries

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.043


Beier Chen

Corresponding Author

Beier Chen


Sports events are the most dynamic part in sports industry, particularly the major sports events such as Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, the World Championships, the World Cup and City Marathons. Each of the above-mentioned plays a pivotal role in the host city, region and country. Examples can by illustrated that sports events could promote the infrastructure construction in the host city, increase people’s awareness of sports and health, increase the number of people who pursuit healthy life by sports, increase the population of professional athletes, improve the experience of sports event management, shape a special image for a city or country, enhance the economic and cultural exchanges at both individual and the country level. It can be noticed that the economic influences are of paramount importance among all of the sports events impacts, since every country needs to make good use of sports events with the purpose of developing its economy significantly. This paper principally explores the economic influences of major sports events on China and other countries, through which several typical examples of large-scale sports events are showcased and analyzed, hoping that people and professional staff for sports events can have a comprehensive overview of economic impacts on a city, a region or a country, so as to accumulate high-quality experience for hosting major sports events, further boost the economy of a specific region and make more friendly cultural communication and interaction in the future.


Major sports events, Economic impacts, Olympic games, Paralympic games, The world championships