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Research on the Development Path of Small and Medium-Sized Tourism Enterprises in Yunnan under the Background of Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.029


Linshan Yin, Xinhua Zhang, Zhijun Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhijun Liu


The novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused heavy and far-reaching impact on the development of tourism in various countries and regions. As a major tourist province, Yunnan has many small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, which plays a decisive role in the development of Yunnan tourism. However, due to their small scale, weak strength and low anti risk ability, these enterprises encounter more severe challenges. How to innovate business thinking, change business ideas and develop characteristic tourism products under the background of epidemic normalization, so as to get out of the dilemma, make the enterprises develop healthily and rapidly and promote the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of Yunnan tourism industry.


Covid-19 prevention and control, Normalization, Small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, Development path