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Research on the Protection and Landscape Planning of Wetland Parks Based on Landscape Ecology

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.028


Liwei Liu

Corresponding Author

Liwei Liu


Wetland is one of the important ecosystems and plays an important role in regulating runoff, improving climate, and maintaining species diversity. To better complete the effective protection of wetlands, the construction of wetland parks not only has ecological value but can also create certain economic benefits and realize popular science education. A brief overview of the wetland park landscape planning, analysis of the sustainable development strategy of the wetland park, exploration of the basic principles and design concepts followed in the landscape planning and design of the wetland park, realization of functional zoning, landscape characteristic planning and road system planning, etc.,so that the wetland park can be effectively protected while achieving good planning and design.


Landscape, Ecology, Wetland park, Protection