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Research on Process Quality Problems and Improvement Measures of Prefabricated Building

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.026


Hongju Hu

Corresponding Author

Hongju Hu


With the vigorous development of economy and technology in our country today, the construction field has made great progress and development under the influence of this, and various forms of construction have been introduced to meet people's higher-level living requirements. Prefabricated building is a new type of building form, and good construction of this form will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of building production and construction. However, as far as the current construction of prefabricated buildings is concerned, there are many problems with the quality of production and construction, which shows that the development of prefabricated buildings is not yet mature. In this regard, this article focuses on the analysis of the production and construction quality problems of prefabricated buildings, and explores practical and feasible improvement measures. It is hoped that the production and construction quality of prefabricated buildings can be improved and their sound development can be promoted.


Process quality, Improvement measures, Prefabricated building