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Analysis on the Changes of China's Food Safety Policy from the Perspective of Discontinuous Equilibrium

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.020


Xiaojin Qin

Corresponding Author

Xiaojin Qin


Based on the intermittent equilibrium model, this paper divides the evolution of China's food safety policy from 1978 to now into two policy equilibrium periods and one intermittent period. After verification, the change of China's food safety policy presents a non-linear feature with accidental mutation. Under the transformation of policy landscape, it has experienced the process from “one department supervision” to “segmented supervision + comprehensive coordination” to “unified supervision”. The outbreak of focus events and the improvement of industrial base lead to the change of policy field by moving the attention of the public and the government, so as to form intermittent policy innovation or maintain policy balance. This paper makes a localization revision of the discontinuous balanced development model based on the Chinese situation, hoping to give some inspiration to the policy changes in other fields.


Food safety, Policy change, Discontinuous equilibrium