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Implementation Path of Rural Revitalization Strategy from the Perspective of Urban and Rural Planning

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.008


Yingying Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yingying Jiang


From the perspective of urban planning, the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is conducive to promoting the rapid development of my country's rural economy, comprehensively improving my country's overall economic level, and playing a very important role in promoting the long-term development of my country's economy. At present, my country has continuously accelerated the process of urbanization and promoted the rapid development of society and economy. Urban and rural planning as a very important content in the urbanization work has played an important role in the sustainable development of our country. Based on this, this article will thoroughly explore the implementation path of the rural revitalization strategy from the perspective of urban and rural planning, and make reasonable reference suggestions based on the actual situation, hoping to fully demonstrate the value of implementing the rural revitalization strategy.


Rural revitalization, Urban and rural planning, Implementation path