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English Teaching Research from the Perspective of Constructivism

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.002


Juan LEI

Corresponding Author

Juan LEI


College English learning is very important. A good English level can greatly help students' employment and become a stepping stone for students to find a job. At the same time, students can also use English to carry out certain studies and acquire more knowledge. Therefore, in order to better promote the improvement of college English teaching quality, it is necessary to effectively analyze its existing problems, and then achieve the improvement of students' English proficiency. This article first elaborates on the concept of constructivism, then analyzes the problems in college English teaching, and finally proposes college English teaching strategies from the perspective of constructivism, including establishing a correct view of knowledge, establishing a scientific view of learning, and identifying teachers themselves Positioning and creating an effective learning environment. The aim is to make better use of the educational theory of constructivism and promote the further improvement of the quality of college English teaching.


Constructivism, College english teaching, Teaching quality