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Study on Key Technical Points of Rainwater and Sewage Pipe Network Construction in Municipal Road Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.001



Corresponding Author



In order to fully meet the development needs of the times and the living needs of urban residents, many cities have taken various measures to strengthen the quality and efficiency of related work such as improving the urban environment, transforming urban infrastructure and improving the living standards of urban residents. In this paper, the key technical points of rainwater and sewage pipeline operation in the process of municipal road engineering construction are analyzed in detail to ensure that rainwater and sewage can be discharged in time in a good pipe network, ensure that urban traffic is always kept in a smooth state, and further improve the overall beauty of the city. While improving the construction quality of municipal road engineering and the construction technology level of sewage pipe network in China, it will lay a solid foundation for the further improvement of the development level of urbanization in China.


Municipal road, Rainwater and sewage pipe network, Construction technology, Key points