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From Incapability to out of Control: “Chain Reaction” and Antagonistic Decoding of Social Media

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.050


Xiaoyu Shen

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Shen


In 2021, the voices of many mass media in China on issues related to “young people's life attitudes” not only failed to achieve the expected guiding effect, but were criticized and attacked like opinion leaders. On this issue, the mass media tried unsuccessfully to guide the public opinion, and the public opinion field was out of control.The reaction behind this loss of control is actually the “incapability” of media work. This is the first time that China's mass media and opinion leaders have met Waterloo under the guidance of public opinion. This paper mainly discusses and analyzes these social events, analyzes the communication logic and social psychology behind the opposition of public opinion,In the process of combing these typical cases, this paper discusses the new mode of public opinion guidance. The research shows that the main social contradictions in this incident have been intensified by the wrong decoding of the media. We should give full play to social synergy, actively seek social consensus and mobilize more forces to participate in social reform, development and structural improvement.


Public opinion, Decoding, Group anxiety, Social contradictions, Mass media