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The Path Analysis of the Local Development of Culture & Tourism Industry Based on Old & New Citizens’ Integration——Taking Qingshan Village as An Example

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.047


Zhongqi Ren

Corresponding Author

Zhongqi Ren


The paper is built around the theme of community and culture revitalization, and our object of study is Qingshan Village-the site which the government has put both enormous investments and expectations in. However, wishes still haven’t transformed into realities as we discover several questions during our visit to the village: lack of connection between two generations of villagers, ineffective advertisement, and villagers’ indifference in terms of spreading their franchises, all of which have directly led to the village’s failures to perform its duty given by the government. To comprehend the phenomenon from more in-depth perspectives, the paper will first analyze the causes of these problems through existing theories. Then, combining the findings with the actual condition of the village, and eventually raise a proposal that is both applicable to Qingshan Village and other similar cases.


Cultural tourism, Native villagers & newcomers’ integration, Path analysis