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Using New Media to Promote the Work of Party Building in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.046


Wenlei Zhao, Huaxin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wenlei Zhao


In the new era, the rapid development of new media technology in my country has promoted the gradual informatization, digitization and intelligence of various industries. In the context of the information age, new media has become an information carrier and display platform for people to learn, work, and live. New media is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes it extremely convenient for people to obtain abundant information resources, but on the other hand, due to the loss of information barriers, many negative factors have penetrated in. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the development of new media technology “has profoundly affected people's traditional production and lifestyles, and also changed the way of thinking of the entire society.” Especially for college students, their behaviors and ways of thinking about problems are extremely susceptible to interference and influence from the external environment. How should the party building work in colleges and universities be effectively carried out, in the new era, new situation, and new technological challenges? How to use new media to promote party building in colleges and universities effectively? This approach is significant: using new media to explore new mechanisms, solve new problems, and guide college students to form a correct way of thinking. Thus, this problem is urgent: college ideological educators need to promote party building work in colleges and universities.


New era, New media, Universities, Party building