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Mao Sui's Self-Recommendation Method: to Expand the Debate on People's Acceptance Degree, Cognitive Level and Law of Psychological Activities in Specific Situations

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.044


Guoxian Wang

Corresponding Author

Guoxian Wang


“MAO Sui self-recommendation method” is a kind of education method that makes people self-rise, which can effectively further improve their subjective initiative. After investigation and discovery, this method is related to personal acceptance, personal cognitive level and personal psychological activities.This article is based on MAO Sui's self-recommendation method to debate the acceptance degree, cognitive level, psychological activity law and other factors in a certain range, as well as a series of research and analysis of these three factors can indirectly affect the relevant factors, and finally summarized.


Mao sui's self-recommendation, Subjective initiative, Educational methods, Indirect influence, Law of mental activity