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Language Learning Strategies and English Proficiency of Chinese Junior college Students

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.043


Rui Pi

Corresponding Author

Rui Pi


This study looked for language learning strategies used by 278 English learners in a Chinese junior college and investigated the relationship between language learning strategies and English achievement of junior college students. The participants reported using affective strategies most frequently and communicative strategies least frequently. The research results also revealed that proficiency level has a significant effect on strategy choice and use. The more proficient learners used more learning strategies. Linear Stepwise Regression revealed that affective strategies could predict students’ English proficiency. Findings suggest a need for further research carrying out longitudinal research on English learning strategies to investigate the development and change of English learning strategies and to strengthen the research on the effectiveness and application of English learning strategies in English classroom teaching and learning for the improving of learners' autonomous learning ability.


English learning strategy, English proficiency, Junior college students