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Reform of Yuefu System by Xiao Yan, Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.038


Li Jinyu

Corresponding Author

Li Jinyu


Xiao Yan, as an important inheritor of the development of rites and music culture in the Southern Dynasties, made many reforms to Yuefu culture during his reign. In the system of rites and music, he completed the revision of the “Five Rites” project, collected and sorted out a large number of folk music and brought it into the category of elegant music, and re-standardized the system of law and music; In the official system of music officials, the status of music officials has been promoted; In the form of song and dance, the scale of music and dance has been reduced to some extent. In short, a series of reforms of Yuefu system led by Xiao Yan made great contributions to the inheritance and innovation of ritual and music culture in the northern and Southern Dynasties, and also provided a reference standard for the formulation of ritual and music system in future generations.


Xiao yan, Yuefu system, Reform