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Study on Multimodal Confucius Institute Linguistic Landscape

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.037


Fu Wen-li, Yang Na, Xu Li-sha

Corresponding Author

Fu Wen-li


The present study tries to explore the mechanism of symbolic meaning generation. It firstly introduces the concept of symbolic meaning, then we will further discuss symbolic meaning from multimodal perspective. It is found that the symbolic meaning of the Confucius Institute linguistic landscape plays an important role in constructing the contextual meaning in visual space, and the symbolic meaning is mainly achieved by attracting attention, shaping impression and cultivating interest. The multimodal Confucius institute linguistic landscape allows for an understanding of how different trajectories of multimodal semiotic resources meet at particular times and places, and therefore helps us to know the significance of symbolic meaning during the constructive process of multimodal linguistic landscape.


Symbolic meaning, Multimodal confucius institute linguistic landscape, Contextual meaning, Semiotic resources