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Construction of Java Teaching Mode Based on Employment Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.029


Huanxiao Xu, Hongyun Chen, Lanmei Qian, Fang WU, Juan QI

Corresponding Author

Huanxiao Xu


As the Java language has been widely used in the Internet, smartphone development and other industries, it can be said that Java has developed into the most basic skills that IT-related occupations should master when they are employed. In the process of computer major construction and professional development, Java programming plays an important role. It plays an increasingly important role. The work process is introduced into the teaching process of Java courses, and the teaching content, teaching mode and teaching method are designed according to the work process, and efforts are made to enhance students' knowledge application ability and innovative practice ability, and realize the relationship between students and employment positions. Seamless. Under the new employment situation, how to ensure the seamless connection between teaching and enterprise needs is an urgent problem to be studied. Java language is a software program widely used in modern network, intelligent mobile device development and other industries, which also makes Java programming skills gradually become the basic skills that must be possessed by relevant occupations in the IT industry. The practice results show that the work process oriented model has strong feasibility and effectiveness, greatly improves the teaching efficiency and quality of Java courses, and has very high application value in Java programming courses.


Employment orientation, Java, Course teaching