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Give Full Play to the Advantages of University Teaching Resources and Serve the Inheritance of Local Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.028



Corresponding Author



As a talent training base, universities should take on the responsibility of protecting and inheriting intangible cultural heritage, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, make full use of the living cultural genes of intangible cultural heritage and integrate them into university teaching, which plays an important role in the continuation of national culture. Universities should protect and inherit intangible cultural heritage through classroom teaching and extracurricular campus cultural activities, so as to continue the life memory of national culture and enhance the soft power of national culture. In order to take effective protection measures for intangible cultural heritage and promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage sites, it is necessary to make full use of university educational resources, promote the inheritance by education, and make the national culture continue. In this paper, the ways of integrating intangible cultural heritage into university education and teaching are studied to give full play to the advantages of university teaching resources and promote the inheritance of local cultural heritage.


Intangible cultural heritage, Teaching resources, Ational culture