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Research on Music Expressiveness of Piano Teaching Based on Music Elements

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.027


Hongyu Li

Corresponding Author

Hongyu Li


In piano performance, musical expressiveness can vividly present music works to the audience, thus moving the hearts of the audience and making them resonate. Therefore, in piano teaching, we should pay more attention to students' musical expression and improve students' musical expression. In this process, piano teachers must make clear the core objectives of teaching and training, find out the shortcomings in traditional teaching, and enable students to constantly enhance their comprehension and understanding of piano music while learning the theory and basic skills, so as to truly strengthen their application quality. Especially for students, in the entire performance learning process, it is not only necessary to learn and master the music performance skills, but also to fully integrate the emotion and charm of the piano art to comprehensively improve the musical expression and comprehensive quality. , So as to realize the true interpretation of the connotation and artistic emotion of music works in continuous practice and training, and lay a solid foundation for the future piano art learning path. This paper mainly studies and discusses the application of performance skills integrated with music elements in piano teaching, in order to provide suggestions for piano teaching and promote the improvement of students' piano performance skills.


Music elements, Piano teaching, Musical expressiveness