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Research on the Construction and Cultivation Path of Core Literacy of Teachers in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.023


Zhenyu Hu, Yunfeng Liu, Ying Chen

Corresponding Author

Ying Chen


Core literacy is a new idea and mode of talent training in Colleges and universities. The study of College Teachers' core literacy is of great significance to improve the quality of talent training. Under the background of TCM inheritance, innovation and development, there are the core literacy dimensions of TCM university teachers in four aspects, namely, professional ethics, personality literacy, knowledge and skill literacy, and TCM cultural literacy. To accelerate the cultivation of TCM core teachers should be made in several aspects, one is to improve the construction of the university teacher learning and practice community mechanism; the second is to improve the teacher development evaluation incentive mechanism; third, to innovate and optimize the university teacher training mode.


Core literacy, University teachers, Chinese medicine, Cultivation path