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English Teaching Practice in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Concept of Formative Evaluation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.016


Chunfeng Ye

Corresponding Author

Chunfeng Ye


Most of the higher vocational colleges in our country currently lack the pluralistic characteristics of teaching evaluation, usually based on the summary evaluation, which is mainly influenced by the differences in the students’ learning foundation and the lack of advance of teachers’ evaluation concepts. This has seriously restricted the effective promotion of English teaching in higher vocational colleges. Therefore, this paper makes a detailed analysis of the effective ways of higher vocational English teaching under the background of the concept of formative evaluation, so as to ensure that teachers attach great importance to the significance of formative evaluation at the ideological level, and lay a solid foundation for the continuous optimization and improvement of higher vocational English teaching mode.


Formative evaluation, Higher vocational colleges, English teaching