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A Preliminary Study on Historical Development and Evolution of the Longevity Hill in Yuanmingyuan

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.152


Qin Ke, Song Shaoda1 and Zhang Zhiguo

Corresponding Author

Qin Ke


The audience hall is the most important place in royal gardens in Qing dynasty, where emperors rehearsed rites and ceremonies. The longevity hill, where is behind of the audience hall, is the boundary of court room space. The Longevity Hill has an important position and a unique style. With sorting out and analyzing drawing and document from Yang-Shi-Fang, graphics and text, results show that the Longevity Hill changed along with changes of the audience hall in nearly 150 years. The existing hill could reflect the style of Daoguang to Xianfeng period. The preliminary study is helpful and valuable for value excavation and heritage preservation of the Longevity Hill.


Yuanmingyuan, the Longevity Hill, historical development, rockery.