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Reflections on the Historical Context and Inheritance Contained in “Tobshur” in the Context of Intangible Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.013


Yutong Zou

Corresponding Author

Yutong Zou


Tobshur is a unique ethnic musical instrument of the Mongolian ethnic group in Oirat, Xinjiang. Due to its relatively long history of development, it is called the living fossil of Mongolian music and plays an important role in the study of Mongolian musical instruments in Xinjiang. Moreover, it is included in the intangible cultural heritage and has become an important part of my country's traditional culture. However, there are still many problems in terms of the inheritance and development of Tobshur's historical context, and it is necessary to explore diversified ways of inheritance.


Intangible heritage context, Tobshur, Historical context, Way of inheritance