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Research on the Distribution Pattern and Development Trend of Aerobics

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.005


Yuqin Sun

Corresponding Author

Yuqin Sun


Aerobics is a sport with both artistic beauty and skill. In the development environment of college competitive sports, this type of sport has also attracted the attention of teachers and students from all over the country. With the increasing frequency of cultural and economic exchanges at home and abroad, analyzing and examining the overall distribution pattern and development trend of aerobics sports has become a key consideration for participants in college sports work. First, it briefly analyzes the distribution pattern of aerobics sports, secondly analyzes the domestic development environment of aerobics sports, and finally analyzes the domestic development trend of aerobics sports, so as to provide references for people who are concerned about this topic.


Aerobics, Sports, Distribution pattern, Development trend