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Research on Teaching Reform of Business Administration Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.001


Chengping Yi

Corresponding Author

Chengping Yi


Under the background of the continuous improvement of China’s modern education level and the deepening of education reform, higher vocational colleges have played an important role in the process of cultivating compound talents for the society. However, in the process of continuous innovation and development of the education system, although it can provide more effective ways for the curriculum construction of business administration in higher vocational colleges, it also brings more difficult challenges. Therefore, taking the new era as the background, this paper makes a detailed analysis on the teaching reform ways of business administration major in higher vocational colleges, improves the teaching quality and efficiency of business administration major, and provides a steady stream of talent support for the all-round development of China’s engineering management industry.


New era, Higher vocational colleges, Business administration, Reform in education