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Project Management Model of Internet of Things Application System Based on Association Rule Mining Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.034


Yajuan Zhang, Ru JING, Haifeng LU, Jiajing CAI

Corresponding Author



With the rapid development of a series of technologies such as Internet, Internet of things and information technology, today's society has entered the era of big data. In order to efficiently process these diversified massive data, we need to use the operation and storage functions provided by various distributed platforms to feed back the results to the above applications through the management, processing, analysis and optimization of data from different sources, which will create great economic and social value. Association rule is an important method and technology in data mining. Cluster analysis, predictive modeling, association analysis, anomaly detection. To get valuable information from complex data, we need to deeply study and flexibly use data mining algorithms. Data mining is a key part of the intelligent application of the Internet of things. Applying it to the field of the Internet of things can promote the improvement of intelligent application level and optimize user experience. Facing the massive data information generated under the background of in-depth application of the Internet of things. Based on the characteristics of association rules, this paper constructs an association rule tree, and studies the search strategy, classification strategy and parameter selection of the tree.


Association rule mining algorithm, Internet of things application system, Project management