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Location Planning Method of Urban Railway Logistics Park Based on Fuzzy Recognition

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.032


Shurun Xie

Corresponding Author

Shurun Xie


Railway transportation occupies an important position in the logistics transportation. In my country, more than two-thirds of the logistics transportation is completed by railway transportation. However, the development of the logistics industry today is relatively slow and lagging. Most of it is limited to bulk cargo transportation, and is out of touch with other logistics transportation modes such as roads, aviation, and sea transportation. Transportation services cannot be effectively implemented. The types of transportation are single and customer satisfaction is not high. The cost remains high. With the development of the market economy, the single operation mode of railway freight yards has been unable to meet the development of the logistics industry. It is imperative to build railway logistics parks relying on marshalling yards and freight yards. This paper uses fuzzy recognition algorithm to plan the location of the railway logistics park. First, determine the selection method of the railway logistics park candidate database: establish an index scoring system, use fuzzy recognition to calculate the index weight ratio, and use a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method for site selection. Then use the mathematical model of railway logistics park site selection for modeling. Finally, the fuzzy recognition algorithm is used to solve the location problem of railway logistics park.


Fuzzy recognition algorithm, Railway logistics park, Location planning