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Research on Software-Defined Network Security Technology Based on Cloud Data Center

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.030


Fengyi Chen

Corresponding Author

Fengyi Chen


With the expansion of network scale and diversification of services, the original network architecture can not meet the future development needs. As a new network architecture, Software Defined Network (SDN) is proposed. SDN can realize centralized control and global optimization of the network by separating control and forwarding, and open programmable interface can realize dynamic control and scheduling optimization of network resources. Centralized control, openness and programmability not only promote the rapid development of network technology, but also bring new security problems and threats. The user requirements faced by cloud data centers are diversified, differentiated and highly customized. In this paper, SDN security technology is analyzed and studied based on cloud data center. A spectrum-based SDN deployment algorithm is proposed. Make full use of the capabilities of the whole network to mitigate attacks, effectively improve the anti-attack capability of SDN data layer and enhance the availability of data layer infrastructure.


Cloud data, SDN, Safe practice