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Application Status and Development Trend of High-Rise Escape Devices

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.026


Xiaopeng Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xiaopeng Zhou


With more and more people working and living in high-rise buildings, there are more and more escape devices for emergencies such as dangerous situations (e.g., fire and earthquake) in high-rise buildings. At present, there are many high-rise escape equipment, but various high-rise escape devices show a series of shortcomings, i.e., it is difficult to achieve multiple people to escape at the same time, and rely on external driving force, poor economy, need professional training to operate, which cannot achieve the expected escape purpose. Thus, this paper summarizes the research status and application trend of high-rise escape devices, which can provide technical support for the study of high-rise escape devices and is of great significance.


High-rise building, High-rise escape device, Professional training, Air damping deceleration device