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Innovative Research on Higher Education Management Model in the Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.024


Meng Chen, Chuntao Li

Corresponding Author

Chuntao Li


Colleges and universities, as an important base for talent training and export in China, based on data and information technology, deepening the innovation of teaching management mode in colleges and universities is of great significance for improving the teaching level, scientific research level and core competitiveness of colleges and universities. Data goes hand in hand with human civilization, and the wheel of history goes through the initial data age, sampling age and information age, and enters the big data age supported by W Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things. For higher education, its management mode and efficiency affect the level of education and teaching to a certain extent. With the continuous development of Internet information technology and the advent of the big data era, the influence and scale of the Internet are expanding, and the development trend shows diversified development. This paper puts forward a modern higher education management model in the era of big data mainly by improving education quality, but this model will encounter some challenges in the implementation process due to the influence of some factors.


Big data era, Higher education, Management