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Research on System Dynamics Model and Computer Simulation of Smart City System

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.023


Qian Cheng, Xiaolong Li

Corresponding Author

Qian Cheng


This paper starts from the current social hot issues, carries out social survey around the smart city system, and puts forward a series of very sensitive social issues as relevant indicators. On this basis, the data of these indicators in recent years are analyzed, which lays a solid foundation for simulation. The operation of smart city is simulated by system dynamics model. System dynamics model is known as “government policy laboratory”. The system dynamics model is used to simulate the problems existing in the construction, and the causal relationship and quantitative relationship between these social phenomena are studied, so as to provide a “realization platform” for normal decision-making. The possible problems in the development of smart city and the measures that should be taken after the problems occur are simulated with the system dynamics model, and the problems in the further development and operation of smart city are further discussed.


System dynamics model computer simulation