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Research on the Optimization Path of the Operation Mechanism of the Old City Reconstruction in Shanghai Based on Building Information Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.022


Yuhe Xie

Corresponding Author

Yuhe Xie


At present, all over the world are facing the problem of Old City reconstructions and urban renaissance, and many transformation and development activities have been carried out, making Old City reconstructions a hot spot in urban construction worldwide.In this paper, based on the study of The optimization path of the operation mechanism of the old city reconstructions in Shanghai, the construction model based on BIM technology is proposed, and the three-dimensional (3D) data model is generated by integrating various related information of the construction project with BIM technology. It can provide a three-dimensional visual model consistent with the building entity. At the level of interest coordination mechanism, the government should define its own position, become the defender of the interest expression mechanism of Shanghai Old city reconstruction and the coordinator of the balanced distribution of interests, and promote the diversified development of interest coordination. At last, the paper puts forward the exploration of Old city reconstruction in China, which provides reference and basis for the implementation and further research of old city reconstruction operating mechanism.


Bim, Old city reconstruction, Operating mechanism, Optimized path