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Research into Factors Impeding Weibo Marketing of Chinese Commercial Banks

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.149


Pang Shizhang, Ju Xiaofeng

Corresponding Author

Pang Shizhang


As the improvement of living standards, People's demand of financial services and information has also increased. However, the lack and uneven distribution of bank outlets make it still inconvenient. To satisfy their needs, many banks are providing the information and services on their Weibo platforms. Based on the current state bias theory and rational choice theory, this paper introduces privacy-related factors and establishes a structural equation model. In order to verify the theoretical model, a questionnaire survey method was used to generate receipt data, and a total of 398 valid samples were collected. The results of model verification show that perception benefit and perceived risk based on the current state bias theory affect the adoption of financial services on commercial banks' microblogging platforms. The privacy protection belief can be used as an uncertainty cost to introduce the current status deviation theory. The adjustment experience of the Internet experience is quite obvious. This study focuses on the factors that hinder the commercial bank microblogging financial promotion and has certain theoretical and practical significance.


Technical economy, commercial bank, Weibo marketing, inhibitors, adopt intention.