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Discussion on Quality and Safety Control of Housing Construction Project Management Based on Bim

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.014


Shuai Liu, Jundan Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuai Liu


In recent years, the construction industry has developed rapidly in my country. Looking at the economic situation, the construction industry-driven economy has gradually occupied a place in the comprehensive main economic industry. Construction production has always been a high-incidence section of safety accidents and safety accidents. The central issue of quality and safety management is to protect the safety and health of people in production activities and to ensure smooth production. Due to the continuous emergence of various landmark large-scale complex structures, the architectural structure is gradually changing to the direction of ultra-high, large-span and unique shape, making the traditional two-dimensional graphic design methods unable to meet the current actual engineering needs, and the construction difficulty The increase in the number of projects and the continuous acceleration of the project progress have brought unprecedented challenges to the design institutes and construction units. Combined with the development and application status of BIM in my country's construction industry, the application obstacles of BIM in construction engineering are analyzed and studied. In response to these obstacles, some suggestions and countermeasures are given based on the application standard level, application technology level and application management level.


Bim, Housing, Construction engineering, Quality and safety