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Analysis of the Opening Mode of Shandong Provincial Local Government Data Platforms Based on Open Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.011


Haohan Wu

Corresponding Author

Haohan Wu


The application of big data, computing and other digital technologies provides new opportunities for the governance of our government. Government data opening is the roll booster of government governance revolution in the digital era, summarizes the paths and development modes of open development of local government data, and is helpful to improve the data opening level of local government and promote digital governance process. Taking the construction of the digital platform of Shandong Province prefecture-level government as an example, it analyzes the mode and data quality of the construction of the governmental data opening platform of Shandong Province, proposes to build a provincial-level big data construction management platform, designates relevant policies, regulations and standards, optimizes platform applications, improves data quality, and realizes the new era characteristics of data empowering government governance.


Local government, Data opening, Development mode