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The Application of Big Data Analysis Technology in English Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.010


Yuan Chang-pu

Corresponding Author

Yuan Chang-pu


Today, the times are developing, and science and technology are also advancing. English translation has also undergone tremendous changes. From the initial manual translation to the current intelligent translation, the speed is not as slow as before. Now, whether it is translating a word, a sentence or even an article, it can be translated in less than a minute. At the same time, fast translation is accompanied by a huge problem, which guarantees speed but cannot guarantee quality. Therefore, with the development of big data analysis technology, it is necessary to make up for the quality problems in the translation process, so that its application in translation can give full play to its actual value. The purpose of this article is to study the application of big data analysis technology in English translation. This article takes English translation as the main research object, and uses big data analysis technology to solve the problem of wrong translation in the process of English translation. In the intelligent English translation process, the original text must be analyzed first, and the expression sequence must be distinguished. Based on the language characteristics, appropriate translation strategies are adopted to effectively recombine the involved time, space and logic. This article uses a questionnaire survey method to understand translation errors in various English translation platforms. The experimental research methods used in this study, one of which is to analyze the translation errors in the sample and the types of errors; the other is to deal with the number of translation errors and the proportion of each type of error. The experimental results show that in text translation, the word order of the third paragraph has the highest accuracy rate, which is 85%, and the error rate is the context of the second paragraph, which is as high as 40%. In general, even Google Translate, which has the highest translation accuracy, has certain problems in terms of word order, grammar, and context. The application of big data analysis technology in English translation still needs to be improved. This article summarizes some countermeasures for better and more convenient application of big data analysis technology in English translation to improve the accuracy of English translation and bring convenience to the society.


Big data, Analysis technology, English translation, Application