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Research on Chinese Children's Dance Creation and Arrangement Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.009


Xinyi Peng

Corresponding Author

Xinyi Peng


The theory of multiple intelligences is highly regarded around the world as an educational theory. It holds that intelligence is the ability to solve a certain problem or create a certain product that is valuable in a certain culture or environment. In terms of its basic structure, intelligence is diverse. This research aims to explore the development process of the multiple intelligences theory and its influence on the creation of dance by Chinese children. The main finding of the research is that there are certain problems with Chinese children’s dance creation. Additionally, the theory of multiple intelligences resembles similar policies in China and is welcomed by Chinese children’s dance creation teachers. In response to the findings, this research proposes various suggestions for combining Chinese children’s dance creation and the multiple intelligences theory in the future, aimed at universities and teachers.


Multiple intelligences, Dance creation, Early childhood education