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Research on Intelligent Trend and Mode of Fashion Design Based on Interactive Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.008


Bingqing Yi

Corresponding Author

Bingqing Yi


With the improvement of economic and cultural level and the development of fashion trend, consumers' requirements for clothing are becoming more and more diversified. However, the design mode of intelligent clothing in China has not formed a complete, scientific and systematic system, and is also restricted by age and class. After providing people with convenient and safe life, how to design intelligent clothing with more functions, more comprehensive and more perfect is the direction of future development. In the whole design process, reduce environmental pollution and increase recycling rate, so as to make smart clothing more environment-friendly. Using the organic combination of computer intelligence technology, graphics technology and professional knowledge of fashion design, this paper explores how to automatically generate styles on the basis of maintaining a certain fashion design style. At present, the research on its design mode is not mature, so it is necessary to make a typical case analysis of the research on intelligent garment design, to understand the design form and development trend in depth, and to make full use of various resources from the perspective of intelligent garment design development, embody the concept of intelligent design, actively summarize the relevant design content, intelligent clothing design for the future trend of intelligent research, and gradually face the majority of consumers, to achieve commercial popularization. This article will focus on the design requirements of intelligent clothing, technology, fabric, structure and other dimensions of intelligent clothing design methods, and analysis of its design mode.


Interactive mode, Clothing, Design, Intelligentization, Mode, Research