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Research on Information Visualization Design Method Based on Emotional Concept in Cultural Heritage Protection

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.007



Corresponding Author



With the rapid development of virtual reality technology and Internet technology, countries all over the world have gradually tended to carry out digital protection of intangible cultural heritage. As a new technical means, information visualization has been relatively mature in other fields. Information visualization technology will adopt advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence interaction, virtual reality, digital library and database to provide scientific protection means for intangible cultural heritage. In view of the current situation of cultural heritage protection and information understanding, it is proposed to use information thinking to guide the overall planning of digital cultural heritage projects, and use information design model and information design principles to design information management, information presentation and information dissemination in digital cultural heritage. By analyzing the truth, goodness and beauty of rationality, sensibility and intellectual wisdom in information design, the digital protection of cultural heritage is transformed into a systematic protection, the sustainability of cultural context and the effective dissemination of civilized spirit. This paper puts forward the necessity of this study from the perspective of information understanding and cognition; Secondly, it analyzes its feasibility and complexity. Applying information visualization to cultural heritage protection requires information acquisition, interpretation, re conception and re construction.


Cultural heritage protection, Emotion, Information visualization design method