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Design of Intelligent Recognition English Translation Model Based on Phrase Translation Combination

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DOI: 10.25236/iiiece.2022.006


Tingting Li

Corresponding Author

Tingting Li


In order to improve the intelligent level of English translation software and the accuracy of English machine translation, the optimization design of English automatic translation system is carried out, and the design method of intelligent English automatic translation system based on phrase translation combination is proposed. The system design includes machine translation algorithm design and software design. The semantic feature analysis and phrase translation combination are used to optimize the English automatic translation algorithm, load the program of the translation algorithm, and design the software of the English automatic translation system in the embedded environment. The software includes vocabulary acquisition module, information processing module, vocabulary scheduling module and automatic control module. The automatic design of translation system is realized by using the method of cross compilation and multi-threaded phrase translation loading. The system test shows that this method has high accuracy and intelligence.


Phrase translation combination, Intelligent identification, Smartphone