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Effect of Family Education on Children's Cognitive and Intellectual Development

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.040


Deyu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Deyu Zhang


Family education as an important form of human growth, children's cognitive level and intellectual development will be directly affected by family education. In order to strengthen the development level of children's cognition and intelligence in the process of educational innovation and development, the education field should pay attention to family education, and at the same time, the influence degree of family education should be deeply discussed from the perspective of practice, so as to put forward appropriate solutions. Therefore, this paper on the basis of understanding the practical significance of family education, according to the characteristics of children's cognitive and intellectual development, to a primary school students in grade four and grade five as an example, using questionnaires and domestic intelligence scale analysis. The final results show that family education has a profound impact on children's cognitive and intellectual development. Therefore, during the period of education management, we should pay attention to family education and build a high-quality growth environment.


Family education, Children, Cognitive, Intellectual development