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Research on Practical Teaching of Design Major Based on Artificial Intelligence and Traditional Craftsmanship in Southern Fujian

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.039


Dongdong He, Yaping Zhang

Corresponding Author

Dongdong He


Southern Fujian culture has profound historical and cultural value. Southern Fujian traditional crafts have high artistic value and craft value, such as Xiamen lacquer thread carving, bead embroidery, Minnan Zhangpu paper-cutting, Dehua pottery, and Hui’an shadow carving in Chinese intangible heritage and traditional art Unique in China. However, these products are out of touch with market demand, are facing serious talent gaps, outdated production methods, lack of product innovation, and lack of people to inherit intangible heritage craftsmanship. Through the modern apprenticeship system, we deepen the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation and collaborative education, take artificial intelligence technology as the carrier, realize the integration of intangible cultural heritage traditional technology and art design specialty, innovate the training mode of skilled talents, optimize teaching means and expand teaching channels for basic design courses in colleges and universities. It is beneficial to enhance students' innovative practice ability, form a systematic “artificial intelligence + design” thinking, build a solid professional foundation and form a complete knowledge accumulation.


Artificial intelligence, Traditional crafts, Practical teaching, Inheritance