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Regional Practice of Educational Reform Based on School-to-the-Future Project in Chengdu City

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.038


Zhang Yan, Jingping Chen, Hui Dai

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yan


In the age of rapid technology development and social revolution, it has become a consensus that education needs systematic reform instead of simple tinkering. The challenges and the promises that brought by artificial intelligence made systematic reform inevitable, and it needs the collaboration among the educational administrative departments, research institutions, enterprises, school administrators, teachers, students and employees, parents and even the entire society to make it happen. The question is how to effectively coordinate the effort of all the stakeholders, and promote the reform with clear goals, plans, strategies and steps. Since 2013 the Education Bureau of Chengdu initiated the school-to-the-future project, which aiming on exploring regional systematic education reform through integrating multiple administrative and research resources within the region and building regional advancing mechanism. This project encourages and supports the schools to make innovations on various education factors, including the education philosophy, teaching and learning resources, curriculum design and implementation, instructional methods, assessments, construction and utilization of intelligent campus, school management and technology use. This paper introduces the theoretical framework, implementation strategies and working experiences of this project, which might be helpful reference for the regional systematic education reform.


School-to-the-future project, Regional systematic education reform, Educational innovation