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Application Analysis of Emotional Freedom Techniques with Meridian Acupoints in the Psychological Consultation for Minority Preparatory Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.037


Hongshen Zhang, Yufeng Zhao, Yurou Wang, Zhihua Zeng, Ziyuan Fu, Lihua Huang

Corresponding Author

Lihua Huang


Objective: To explore the role of Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) with meridian acupoints in the psychological consultation for minority preparatory students. Methods: UPI questionnaire was used to screen out 110 students of Class A and Class B from 600 preparatory students, and 100 students were randomly selected for EFT intervention. After 30 days, the intervention effect was observed. Results: Before EFT intervention, there were 63 class A students and 37 class B students. After EFT intervention, there were 12 Class A students, 24 Class B students and 64 Class C students, which was statistically significant before and after EFT intervention (P<0.05), indicating that EFT had a significant impact on the psychological problems of minority preparatory students. Conclusion: EFT plays an important role in psychological consultation of Guangxi minority preparatory students, which deserves further study.


Minority preparatory students, Psychological problems, Emotional freedom techniques with meridian acupoints, University personality inventory (upi), Subjective discomfort scale