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Student's Personal Knowledge Management Model under the Complete Credit System

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.033


Wenfeng Liu, Xiang Ning

Corresponding Author

Xiang Ning


Schools across the country are actively exploring the reform from the “school year credit system” to the “full credit system”. The full credit system is mainly characterized by elective system, tutorial system and flexible academic system. While paying attention to students' professional foundation and ability training, it also emphasizes the cultivation of students' personality. The cultivation of innovative talents is the core task of higher education. How to implement the cultivation of innovative talents and ensure and improve the quality of talent cultivation in the process of implementing the full credit system is an urgent research topic. With the continuous deepening of higher education reforms, the full credit system, as a kind of education management system that encourages students to be self-directed, is an important component of the talent training system in universities and the main trend of the credit system reform. The knowledge economy promotes the development of knowledge management. With the development of digital technology, portable personal learning tools and wireless network technology have begun to enter the lives of learners. The mobility, ubiquity, and seamlessness of learning have become the focus of leading a new round of learning revolution, and the application of personal learning environment Shows an increasing momentum. According to the characteristics of students, effective knowledge management methods should be adopted to construct a dual-model structure of personal knowledge management.


Full credit system, Student personal knowledge, Management