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Analysis of Cross-Cultural Education in Korean Teaching from the Perspective of Constructivism

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.032


Xue Wang

Corresponding Author

Xue Wang


It has become a consensus to attach importance to the cultivation of cross-cultural education ability in foreign language teaching. However, in practice, the knowledge-centered model commonly used in foreign language teaching in China equates the cultivation of cross-cultural education ability with the teaching of cross-cultural knowledge, resulting in the weakness of students' cross-cultural education ability. The traditional education of pure language knowledge and ability is far from meeting the needs, and the cultivation of high-quality talents with cross-cultural education level will become the ultimate goal of foreign language teaching. Cultural competence, as the core competence of international Korean teachers, contains explicit and implicit dimensions. Constructivism provides theoretical guidance for solving this outstanding problem, while constructivist learning design provides an effective teaching model for how to cultivate students' intercultural education ability in teaching. Research on Korean cross-cultural education based on standard constructivism.


Constructivist perspective, Korean language teaching, Cross-cultural education