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Research on the Status Quo of Preschool Piano Education and Its Improvement Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.029


Jialing Tang

Corresponding Author

Jialing Tang


With the continuous improvement of people's quality and level of life, the public pays more and more attention to art education and aesthetic education. Under the background of the new era, piano education has achieved rapid development. Many teachers focus on the requirements of students’ individualized growth and development, and carry out piano education practice activities in a targeted manner to ensure that students can achieve personal achievement in a more free learning atmosphere. Benign and healthy growth. As an important part of the professional competence system of preschool education, piano education has an important role in promoting artistic aesthetics, and its education and teaching have always received extensive attention. From a macro perspective, this article is based on the current realistic conditions of preschool piano education, and the phenomenon triggers thinking, analyzes related issues, and proposes improvement strategies, hoping to provide a certain reference for improving the quality and level of piano education in preschool education.


Status quo, Preschool piano education, Improvement strategies