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The Rebellious Psychology of College Students Based on Psychological Needs in Ideological Education and Its Correction

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.028


Ying Wang

Corresponding Author

Ying Wang


The research on psychological needs of college students is an important part of college students' mental health education. Through the research on psychological needs, it can provide scientific basis for college students' psychological assistance and promote the development of mental health education. Nowadays, college students' rebellious attitude towards ideological education has seriously hindered the formation of college students' world outlook and outlook on life, and affected their development and success. Rebellious psychology has impacted the effect of ideological education to a certain extent. Overcoming rebellious psychology must start with enriching educational content, improving educational methods, improving educators' quality and optimizing educational environment. Through research, on the one hand, it analyzes the psychological needs of college students; on the other hand, it discusses the relationship between college students' self-identity crisis, stage and psychological needs of college students, and provides theoretical basis for the construction of college students' psychological assistance system.


Ideological education, Reason, College students, Rebellious psychology, Correct