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Infiltration and Integration of Ideological and Political Education in Higher Vocational English Classroom Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.025


Meiyu Jiao

Corresponding Author

Meiyu Jiao


In recent years, China advocates quality education, and ideological education is the core content of quality education. In order to better teach and educate people, English teachers should combine English classroom with ideological and political education, which can promote the development of students’ comprehensive quality. Therefore, this paper studies the role of infiltrating ideological and political education in higher vocational English teaching and the feasibility of infiltrating the two, and focuses on the strategies of combining the two, mainly including using English classroom to help students establish correct “three outlooks” and guide students to establish patriotic consciousness, hoping to promote the development of higher vocational English education and ideological and political education through the above research, further improve the comprehensive quality of students.


Ideological and political education, Higher vocational english classroom, Infiltration and integration